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Monday, November 7, 2016

6 Simple Part Time Jobs for Students & Others

1. Part Time Online Jobs

This is one of most favourite jobs for people. Most of the people who are earning in part time is through online jobs only.
Not one or two but you can find dozens of online jobs in India which really pays. There are some online jobs which are simple but some of the other internet jobs required some skills and experience.
Everyone can find a suitable online job for him and earn as per his capacity. Some of the online jobs are mentioned below-
  • Online Survey Jobs – Need only 30 minutes to 1 hour a day and earning potential Tk.2000 to Tk. 8000 per month
  • Ad Clicking Jobs – Need 5 minutes to 15 minutes daily and earning potential is Tk, 2000 to Tk. 5000 a month
  • Micro Jobs: Need 2 to 4 hours a day & earning potential Tk.5000 to Tk.25000 per month
  • Captcha Solving Jobs: Need 1 to 2 hours daily and earning potential Tk.1000 to Tk.3000 a month
  • AdSense & Affiliate Jobs: You can work part time or full time and there is no minimum or Maximum earning limit.
  • And many more online jobs in Delhi you can check from below link

2. Part Time Freelancing Jobs

With the arrival of Internet, you can find many jobs online. Freelancing jobs could be about writing, data entry jobs, form filling etc. You have to go to certain websites like eLance.com and start searching for work that suits you.
You have to have some skill set to get a job there. There is also a website called Fiverr. Here you can offer your service for $5. You could do anything ranging from web designing to logo designing to coding.
Today there are plenty of companies that offer freelancing jobs online. You need to get register and start submitting the work on time.

3. Developing Apps

This is also one of the best part time option in Delhi. Developing application is also very cool thing. However, not everyone can develop apps because you need to know about programming and coding.
But if you do know then there is a lot of money to be made online. Software companies like Google and other gaming companies are in search of developers and programmers that can create applications and sell like a hot cake.
You could make a lot of money if you are able to create one app in your spare time. Only thing you need to have is passion for coding.
Although developing apps is not for everyone but still it is a great part time job for many.

4. Network Marketing

Now for a change, if you don’t like application development or programming then you could start network marketing.
It could be the coolest way to make money part time while you are in college. Network marketing is very simple, you have to build a network of people or affiliates for a particular company.
For example, you have to sell products of a company called Amway, your job is to get new members or affiliates to sign up or become a network leader like you.
Every time you get a new member, you get commission. As your network increases under your leadership you make more money.
You can do this job after your college and make some easy money.

5. Blogging

I think I don’t have to tell you anything about blogging. If you have passion for writing then you can write it for the world. Most of the bloggers in India are from Delhi only.
If people like it and you get traffic to your blog then you could make good amount of money without putting any hard work.
I know young bloggers in India, aged between 16 years to 21 years are making a lot of money through blogging. At the same time they are also pursuing their college.
So blogging could be really good if you have something to write and share. You could join Google Ad sense program or other network and start making money.

6. Online and Offline Tuition

The last part time job in Delhi for students & others in our list is giving tuition online or offline. You could give tuition to 10+2 student offline as well as online and make some money.
It is very easy because you don’t have to work hard just you could teach subjects like Physics, Mathematics, chemistry, biology etc.
You can teach any subject that you know well. There are many online tutor needed for online coaching centers or website.

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